Essential Guide When Selecting Custom Picture Frames

Part of adding beauty to your house walls is through hanging some pictures which will make the room look more exciting. However, custom picture frames come in different colours, sizes as well as materials and being aware of the ones that suit you can be quite difficult. When you require a custom frame but are unaware of the choices available, then here is a simple guide that will take you through all the necessary considerations:

  1. Selecting the Mat – The mat is an essential element of any picture frame as this separates the frame from the image. This creates more emphasis on the picture which in effect draws attention. The mat works best when used for framed art such as drawings, photographs as well as watercolours. Most of the mats in picture framing come from paper, wood as well as cotton rugs. Other materials used in the making of mats include suede and fabric wrapped mats as well as well as vellum. Mats also come in different colours giving you a range of selecting the perfect one to go with framed art. One key thing to consider when picking a mat for all your picture framing needs is that colour-contrasting mats have the possibility of accentuating the framed art, even more, bringing out all its detailed features.
  2. Frames – Picture frames come in various selections which may make it hard for you to decide on what you want. They also come in a variety of materials which include metal, wood, gesso, resin as well as gold or silver leaf. The frames are not only used for storing pictures and artwork but also mirrors. When going to purchase a frame, it is important to take a span photo of the room where the frame will fit; this enables a professional to guide you through all the diverse colours and designs which will fit the space. This will allow the customised frame to correspond well with the environment thus adding magnificence to your room. When it comes to framed art, it is important to select a frame width that is skinnier than the mat. There are also various frames which can be used for mounting a mirror. The frames enable the mirror to look neat and attractive on the wall. It is important when selecting a mirror frame design to have all the necessary measurements ready so that it can be customised accordingly. Also, be aware of the wall colour to guarantee it perfectly blends with the frame you wish to install.

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